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Thread: How to Access SkyDrive in Windows Explorer

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    How to Access SkyDrive in Windows Explorer

    Hello, I have really like the Windows live skydrive Service ,and I would like to how to install skydrive as a disc in windows explorer, it is possible, if yes , please provide me the solution , otherwise ,please give some other good alternative to this skydrive option ,which can be install in windows explorer as a local disk , thank in advance for your replies

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    Re: How to Access SkyDrive in Windows Explorer

    Hello , I Dont think this is currently possible to have the Skydrive in Windows Explorer. but there would be an alternative For easier integration in Windows, it is better to use Live Mesh, a storage service Microsoft, for both online store and synchronize the designated machines. It works with a directory synchronized, so it is accessible in the browser.
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    Re: How to Access SkyDrive in Windows Explorer

    Hello, Read this official blog of th The SkyDrive Team , especially read the item in bold, this feature you are asking for is still on the request list

    ! We’ve received a bunch of great feature suggestions, many of which we hope to address in upcoming releases. The biggest request we’ve seen is to make SkyDrive more widely available. We plan to roll out in many more markets in the next year, so stay tuned!

    Here are the other top requests so far:

    • Allowing multiple downloads at once.
    • Displaying how many times a file has been downloaded.
    • Supporting file synchronization from the desktop.
    • Providing an API for storing and retrieving files.
    Adding SkyDrive access from Windows Explorer.

    Any other feature requests or cool ideas? Leave a comment! And thanks for using SkyDrive.

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    Re: How to Access SkyDrive in Windows Explorer

    Gladinet Cloud Desktop mounts cloud storage as local folders and integrates online applications with the local desktop. It is a personal cloud agent, an open online backup platform, and a desktop delivery agent for cloud service providers. The Gladinet Drive is a mapped network drive on a user's PC which provides access to web storage from local folders (Virtual Directories). It can be opened directly from the Gladinet Systray menu.One-Click-Mount provides a convenient entry point to mount web storage. When a type of storage has never been mounted, the Gladinet Drive exposes a One-Click-Mount link which launches the Virtual Directory mounting page for that storage.

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