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Thread: What is Bingle Search

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    What is Bingle Search

    Bingle defines itself with its name. Bingle means Bing + Google. Its is a rescue point for users who want to search Google and Bing at one go.For those of you smitten by Bing and confused over which search engine to use, Google or Bing, bingle is a quick solution.With Bing already making mentionable inroads, it was about time several websites would crop up to compare the two search engine results.

    In simple words, Bingle is a simple mashup of Google and Microsoft's 2009-launched search engine, Bing. Search results are displayed in a two-pane interface pitting the search engine results side by side.

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    Re: What is Bingle Search

    Bingle is specially designed for users who want to search Google and Bing at one goes. It doesn’t stitch together the results but gives you a single window approach to use both. For an example, if you try to search something, like 'Cricket' you will get the results like this :-

    Bingle will give you side by side comparison of both the search engine in one page. Through this facility a user is able to compare the results of two search engines side by side. Making this facility available has made Bing to stand up in as a great contender for Google.

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    Re: What is Bingle Search

    Its really nice to hear Bingle. Bing has majority of features that Google has with much more user friendly approach making it more usable by users.Its nice time pass thing, also if we want to compare results of two different search engines then it is very useful.

    thanks to share this !!

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