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Thread: How to block pop ups

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    How to block pop ups

    While browsing on internet with Internet Explorer, i usually get a window pop up saying something about From last couple of days, it is getting often.

    Do you guys have any idea of blocking this pop ups ? Please let me know. Its very annoying.

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    Re: How to block pop ups

    DoubleClick is a tracking cookie that monitors your Internet activity as you surf the web. Through an impression-by-impression auction marketplace, the service connects industry-leading online publishers with top-tier advertisers, agencies and networks.Buyers get immediate access to inventory that meets campaign goals. This information may be retrieved by its parent company, and used to generate emailed and pop-up advertisements while you surf the web. DoubleClick is related to Abacus Alliances, which owns databases of personally identifiable information about consumers and their spending habits.

    The doubleclick pop-up window is probably being blocked by a HOSTS file. Yo can use program such as Spysweeper or Spybot may be populating it.Or go through this steps:- Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc in the program files.Double click on hosts and Select Notepad from the list and click Ok. now in the newly opened window you will see localhost at the last line. Now to get in the new file, click behind localhost and click Enter and type : [B] and save it.

    Thats it.This will block the pop ups.

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    Re: How to block pop ups

    Go to mycomputer > program files > at C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc Open the HOSTS file with notepad. If there are entries you wish to disable, you can put the pound sign (#) in front an entry to disable it. Then File> Save. Or you can rename the HOSTS file to HOSTS.OLD to disable it. You can also add in the notepad. This will block the pop ups

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    Re: How to block pop ups

    Thanks for sharing this useful info. i really needed this. Hope i can get rid of the doubleclick pop ups.

    Help appreciated.

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