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Thread: I cant see orkut home page after opening it

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    I cant see orkut home page after opening it

    As i doing login into my orkut account i can't see anything over there, just a blank page? whats going on? is it happening with all of you guys? Please help me fast?

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    Re: I cant see orkut home page after opening it

    No my orkut is working fine as always , i'm not facing any problem with orkut. have you tried by accessing it with another browser ? It can be browser fault. Contact with the orkut help support if its happening with your account only.

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    Re: I cant see orkut home page after opening it

    I'm also facing same problem ? tried with the different browser also, still same problem? please help ??? have you got any working solution harrack ??

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    Re: I cant see orkut home page after opening it

    Seems now a days many orkut users facing this same issue :

    Google support response here on this issue :


    Yesterday we have received complaints from users in Europe and now from the users of Asia and Australia

    We are sorry but there is a technical problem associated with some of the orkut servers.

    So currently you may face temporary bugs like temporarily getting disabled for no cause...or your profile not loading properly or it may be photo error bug .as per the latest message receive from orkut guides...the orkut technical team is working out on this issue and probably it will be fixed in 72 more hrs

    Sorry for the inconvenience

    Try this solution :

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