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Thread: What are intranet settings

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    smile What are intranet settings

    I had recently upgrade my system to window sp2. Then I had installed Internet Explorer 7 with google desktop. For the past few days it was working fine. But from time I am receiving a regular warning saying that some intranet settings are turned off. I rattled around in control panel but could not understand anything. This is really disturbing. I don't know what the message indicates. Please suggest some solutions.

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    Re: What are intranet settings

    It is settings engaged to a private network. Basically connected within a company. It use the same protocol which used by Internet. The main function of Intranet is to store the internal content related to a organization. It only controlled by the administrator. As compare to internet it is more restrictive. The only difference between internet and intranet is that the way you access any webpage. Like in internet you give a full web address but in intranet it is configured by the administrator for business purpose only.

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    Re: What are intranet settings

    As you mentioned that you had installed a fresh copy of IE in your system so because of that it is not configured to off by default. You can manually shut it down and you will not receive any more indication on your system tray. Normally it is depicted when your browser does not knows that your are not on the internet. To shut it down go to Tools menu > Internet options. Click on security tab and select local intranet. Click on restore defaults. And here restart you browser. Now you will not receive the message back again.

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    Re: What are intranet settings

    I will recommend you to first uninstall google button from your browser. And then to change your setting go to tools and internet options. Go to local intranet and select restore default. Now select custom level. A advance security settings window will popup. Untick Enable Protected Mode. Select preset levels of security. Click on OK and restart your browser.

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