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Thread: Setup comcast email with outlook in Vista

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    Setup comcast email with outlook in Vista

    I have Windows Vista Ultimate installed on my desktop. I could not find Microsoft Outlook Express anywhere so i installed Office 2007. But still i cannot find Outlook express anywhere! I want to setup Comcast email with outlook but i don't find outlook so thats of no point. So how do i install outlook express or similar application to download my comcast emails to my computer to read them later...

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    Re: Setup comcast email with outlook in Vista

    Windows Vista doesn't have Microsoft Outlook Express, but instead it has Windows Live Mail pre-installed with it. It is the next generation of Outlok express. So your comcast email won't work if you configure it properly with Windows Live Mail. Hope this is of use to you...

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    Re: Setup comcast email with outlook in Vista

    Use the same settings that you use to configure comcast mail on outlook express to configure it on Windows Live Mail. As both of them are by microsoft and the configurations matter at server side and not the client side. Just make sure you put right address and port numbers in right places.

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    Re: Setup comcast email with outlook in Vista

    Here are the instruction to setup comcast email client on Outlook express. Use the same for Windows Live Mail :

    1. Open Outlook Express by double-clicking the Outlook Express icon on your desktop

    2. The first time you start Outlook Express the Internet Connection Wizard will run. Select Create a new Internet mail account and click Next to continue

    3. On the Your Name screen type in your name as you would like it to appear on your outgoing e-mail messages and click Next to continue

    4. Type in your e-mail address on the Internet E-mail Address screen. Click Next to continue

    5. On the E-mail Server Names screen, select POP3 from the drop down list. In the space provided below Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server:, enter Type in as your Outgoing mail (SMTP) server: and click Next to continue

    6. On the Internet Mail Logon screen, type in your Comcast user name in the field titled Account name:. Your user name is everything leading up to, but not including the part of your e-mail address. For example, if your e-mail address is, you would enter test_account as your Account name:. In the Password: field, enter in your Comcast assigned password. If you do not wish to enter your password every time you check your e-mail, put a check in the box labelled Remember password. Click Next to continue

    7. Congratulations, you have now set up Outlook Express as your e-mail program. Click Finish to begin sending and receiving e-mail

    8. Although the Internet Connection Wizard has collected the basic information needed to receive email, you still need to complete a couple of other steps to send mail through the Comcast mail servers.

    9. In the Internet Accounts window (still open from steps above), highlight the account just created and click Properties.

    10. In the Servers tab, verify that is in the Outgoing mail (SMTP) field.

    11. Place a check in the My server requires authentication option

    12. Click the Settings button

    13. In the Outgoing Mail Server box, select Use same settings as my incoming mail server and click OK

    14. Select the Advanced tab. In the Advanced tab, under Server Port Numbers, change the Outgoing mail (SMTP) from whatever number is in the field to 587

    15. Click the OK

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