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Thread: Short Term Internet Broad Band contract

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    Short Term Internet Broad Band contract

    I am a frequent traveler. I need to travel to some places regularly. I want to some services which can give a broadband internet connection for a short period of time. Like of stay in a place for 1 month or 6 months. I want to take that service for that period only. If I take a long term then my money will be wasted. List me some ISP providers basically in NY.

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    Re: Short Term Internet Broad Band contract

    There are many internet service provider which offers your long and short term both contracts. As normally today multiple service providers are giving a 1 month free trial for testing especially for wireless internet. You can look in to your local directory. The best thing I do I share internet connection with my neighbor. So there is no need of any contract. I use it for as much time I want and for that I pay something to him.

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    Re: Short Term Internet Broad Band contract

    Some of the most local ISP providers in NY are listed below. Log on to their websites and look out for a suitable contract. I will recommend you to look out for Earthlink services. They provide a short term service for 3 months. The amounts varies as per the speed. You can discontinue the service after the particular period of time and if you want you have it again.

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    Re: Short Term Internet Broad Band contract

    If you travel frequently then I will consider you to use a wireless usb modem or an mobile device to access the internet. Many telecom companies are providing these service. You can use your net service as per you account recharge. It is like an prepaid internet service. For that you will need portable device. Now At& T is providing a tiny wireless usb stick. You can carry and access internet anywhere in the coverage area of At&T.

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    Re: Short Term Internet Broad Band contract

    I'm going 20 days in Canada and I'd like to use my netbook with a Leonardo webkey (HDSPA, UMTS, GPRS). Who can suggest me an internet provider selling rechargeable internet card? T.Y.

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