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Thread: What is a Sendspace Account

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    What is a Sendspace Account

    I got a link in my mail which directed my browser to sendspace website. I want to know about this sendspace account. I heard about it that it is a website which offers unlimited download and upload of file. What is sendspace and how to create a new account here. It this service chargeable. If yes then what is the subscription of this account. How can i manage my uploads and download by sendspace. What more benefit i will get if i pay subscription fee to the website for the downloading thing. Pls reply.

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    Re: What is a Sendspace Account

    Sendspace is a popular file sharing server. It enables users to send large files eg size upto 1 GB in mails, to family, businesses, etc. anywhere in the world. It supports upto 1.5GB, that can be either uploaded on sendspace or downloaded whenever needed. By creating your account you can keep your file on the sendspace server and get it anywhere in the world. It something same like attaching a file in a email and then downloading it anywhere. But it gives you really big amount of file size access.

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    Re: What is a Sendspace Account

    Just browse in your computer a file up to size of 1.5 GB and upload it in the Sendspace free of cost. Anyone anywhere can download this file and use it. It basically provides two type of accounts. A free and a premium one. In the free account you can upload as many files you want. And in the premium account you can download as many files you want. It is a file transfer service which helps to get big files on the internet. You can just log on to senspace website and learn more about it.

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    Re: What is a Sendspace Account

    It is a file transfer network. It provides a short time solution for file hosting to send and receive big size file. This files which cannot be send and receive via email. Like audios, videos, presentations, software's, etc. By sendspace wizard you can easily upload and download file. Sendspace offers you two account. Pro Account and Premium Account.
    Pro Account : In this account you can upload files on the internet. And access it anywhere. Charges $6.99 for 20 GB for 1 Month. With this account you can send files to anywhere to anyone. No ads in the link. Limited size for each file is 1.5 GB. You will just need to drag and drop files in the wizard. The files are send safely and securely. You can add a password to the file. So when the receiver downloads the file he is prompted for password.
    Premium Account : In this account you can download files up to 8 GB daily. Charges up to $ 11.99 for one month. Downloading is done by sendspace wizard tool. Ad-free downloading. No pop-ups in the web page. You can download more than one file at a time. If download is canceled you can resume it back again. Share files up to 300 MB.

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