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Thread: Mywebsearch removal in Firefox

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    Mywebsearch removal in Firefox


    From past few days, I am experiencing My Web Search spyware program, I have now apparently also in Firefox, somewhere on a link clicked on a site and accepted ... In Internet Explorer is very persistent, that you hardly get out, but in Firefox it seems to me worse! My Web Search installed an extra bar in Firefox. I can hide it through Image and Toolbars, but that thing is still there under. I have searched, but I do not get out, because there is not even. Has anyone an idea how I get away without my Firefox profile to delete? I use Mozilla products for years now, and it is the first time that I encountered.

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    Re: Mywebsearch removal in Firefox

    or look at this list of spyware give:
    > start
    > Control Panel
    > Add/Remove software

    then you can easily remove

    otherwise see this :

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    Re: Mywebsearch removal in Firefox


    To Remove My Web Search :

    First, uninstall the My Web Search option from Add / Remove Programs

    1) Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel

    2) Double click on Add / Remove Programs

    3) Find "My Web Search" in the list of installed programs and click on Change / Remove to uninstall it. You may also want to uninstall any of the following items associated with FunWebProducts.

    * My Web Search (Smiley Central or FWP product as applicable)
    * My Way Speedbar (Smiley Central or other FWP as applicable)
    * My Way Speedbar (AOL and Yahoo Messengers) (beta users only)
    * My Way Speedbar (Outlook, Outlook Express, and IncrediMail)
    * Search Assistant - My Way

    4) Reboot your Computer and run HijackThis

    5) With HijackThis, scan for and fix any of the entries shown above that may be remaining.

    6) Next, open My Computer, Drive C, and double-click on the Program Files folder

    7) Right-click and delete the folders for:




    MyWebSearch should now be completely uninstalled from your computer.

    9) There will be some minor registry entries left behind by the uninstall, however these can be cleaned up by running SpyBot Search and Destroy or Ad-Aware SE.

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