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Thread: Add metacrawler in IE8

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    Add metacrawler in IE8

    hello friends,

    I wanted to ask how to add metacrawler (meta search engine) to internet explorer 8 ? and what is the maximum amount of time that MetaCrawler search
    engine ?
    Can anybody provide the useful information about the same ?


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    Re: Add metacrawler in IE8

    Metacrawler is the meta search engine that helps you to search the information you need(for e.g. text info, images, audio, video, etc) much faster from the search engines like Google, yahoo, etc....You would like to add this application in your browser when you search the information over the Internet.

    To add Metacrawler to IE8 -

    1.Open Internet Explorer - click Start button > click Internet Explorer.

    2.Click the arrow to the right of the search box.

    3. Click Find More Providers.

    4. Click the search providers you would like to add - This opens the Add Search Provider dialog box.

    5. If you want the provider that you just added to be used by default when searching from the Address bar or search box, select Make this my default search provider check box.

    6. For Internet Explorer 8, if search provider offers search suggestions, select the Use search suggestions from this provider check box to receive search suggestions.

    7.Click Add in Internet Explorer 8.

    That's it !!

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    Re: Add metacrawler in IE8

    The Metacrawler engine has a user interface that will allow you to
    select up to 2 full minutes (120 seconds) of 'time out value', for any
    particular engine at one time.
    This variable can be seen in the URL in your browser when you perform an advanced search, represented as :


    note - The value 120 is in seconds, and is how most scripting (java,perl) is
    programmed with regards to time. The timeout value can be increased by
    changing this variable in the URL, but will often produce unpredictable results when set above this value( 2mins/120secs ).

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