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Thread: uTorrent Force Recheck/Set Download Location Option

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    uTorrent Force Recheck/Set Download Location Option

    Hello everyone,

    I installed uTorrent 1.8.2 and when I try to Recheck a Torrent, This option is dimmed and Hence not usable. In fact when I reseed a torrent, As because I can not re-check it , it tries to redownload the torrent while trying to share. And sometimes I have to wait before resuming the download because the seeder is completing upload. I Have Another Small Question, when I finished a torrent, I wish I could move it to another directory. Apparently uTorrent can do automatically, but the choice is limited to a predefined directory. Is it possible to move a torrent download in the directory of your choice so that I can make a personal classification

    Please Help me Thanks in advance For Suggestion

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    Re: uTorrent Force Recheck/Set Download Location Option

    Hello , To move The utorrent You First have to stop the torrent, Then move the data file to the location you want, right-click the torrent in uTorrent, select Advanced/Set Download Location and choose the new location. Re-start the torrent in uTorrent. And Also re-adding the same downloaded torrent, but with a different filename, then starting it, should force a re-check of the existing data.
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    Re: uTorrent Force Recheck/Set Download Location Option

    Hello , if You Have The Original file Written and it not Overwritten, then i Think you would be able to force recheck it but utorrent will notice it as Fully downloaded and get the last bits, assuming it is the same file and has the same name etc.

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    Re: uTorrent Force Recheck/Set Download Location Option

    Hello , The 'Force Re-Check' Will Be Enabled When Your torrent is paused and after that you can right click and Select Force Recheck . Then it compares your file with the downloaded File.For this follow Here

    • Add Torrent
    • In the dialog window: Option 'Start torrent' off (stop mode) and 'Save As' the path to your file.
    • Press Ok
    • Right click on the newly added Torrent
    • Force Re-Check
    • when done: "Start"

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