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Thread: How to find IP address of a website visitor

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    How to find IP address of a website visitor

    hello friends,

    I am managing a website and everyday many users visit my website for the information they need. Is there anyway I can find the IP address of my website visitors ? how can I find that ? This is for security reasons.....
    plz help me giving some ideas......thanks

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    Re: How to find IP address of a website visitor

    To view the IP address of a visitor on your site, add this code in the area where you want it displayed.


    echo $ _SERVER [ "REMOTE_ADDR"];


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    Re: How to find IP address of a website visitor

    Finding the IP address of your website visitors may be useful for many reasons, such as tracking site usage or blocking access to specific people.

    Here's how you can find it.
    In an ASP page, within the ASP tags, <% ... %>, you can retrieve the IP address of a user through the ServerVariables collection of the Request object. To do this, you use the code Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR")

    Response.Write "Hello! Your IP Address is: " & Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR")

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