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Thread: How to recover the lost IE Menu Bar

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    How to recover the lost IE Menu Bar

    My cousin is facing a problem since few days but even i cant solve the problem, neither the computer has a virus nor malwares. the problem faced is he has lost the menubar of the internet explorer & rechecking the toolbar doesn't get it back.

    Please Help...!

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    Re: How to recover the lost IE Menu Bar

    In the right side there's one option "Tools". click on that, it will show a menu. Just go through the menu and you'll definitely find "Menu Bar". Click on that.

    I had the same problem and I was complaining about it, but then I figured it out. Testing things out sometimes doesn't hurt.
    Heres how you get it back:


    1. Right click on the gray area next to the tabs (If you have one) or a blank area at the top
    2. Then, you'll find the "Menu Bar" and just click it and it'll appear


    If you don't want it to say there all the time but just for once use then you could click "Alt", which is next to the spacebar and after you use the Menu Bar it'll disappear

    You could turn on other functions from that list like "Links" and "Status Bar"
    Does that help?

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    Re: How to recover the lost IE Menu Bar

    Moving your IE7 Menu Bar Back to the Top

    The first thing I noticed when I installed IE7 on my Windows box was the very inconvenient location of the address bar. Why the heck is it located above the menu bar? (File, edit, view, etc.) I don't know what the folks at Microsoft thought when they designed IE7 that way, but this must be one of the most idiotic design decision they've ever made (For me at least).

    For those who think that the address bar should be back at the bottom of IE7's menu section, do not despair! There is a simple registry tweak that will let you put it back as it was in IE6. All you need to do to set thing right again is add a simple key to your XP registry. Here's how to do it:

    (Warning: Serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly by using Registry Editor or by using another method. These problems might require that you reinstall your operating system. Microsoft or I cannot guarantee that these problems can be solved. Modify the registry at your own risk.)

    • If IE is opened, close it before doing anything

    • Start your registry editor (Start -> Run, type regedit in the run field and press OK)

    • Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ InternetExplorer \ Toolbar \ WebBrowser and be sure that the WebBrowser key is selected

    • Right-click the right part of the registry editor, select New->DWORD Value, and name it "ITBar7Position"

    • Double click that new value, and assign it with a decimal value of 1

    • Restart IE7, and voilą! You're done.

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    Re: How to recover the lost IE Menu Bar

    Place IE7 Menu Bar Back On Top

    Do you wish the IE7 Menu bar was located where it was in IE6? Here is how to quickly create a registry fix to move it back to the top.

    After you install IE7 you have to make the menu bar appear. Right click an empty spot on the tool bar and place a checkmark next to Menu Bar. It will also show up temporarily if you hold down the Alt key.


    You will see that IE 7 puts the Menu Bar underneath the Address Bar which we don't want.

    Open up notepad by clicking Start \ Run, type in notepad and click OK.

    Copy and paste the following script into notepad. You do not need to modify the code at all. Just copy and paste it into notepad.


    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser\]

    Here is how we turn it into a reg key fix. Click on File \ Save As, but don't click on Save until you read the next step.

    Change your notepad Save as type to "All Files" and name the file something like IE7_Toolbar_fix.reg. Naming the file with the .reg extension is the key for this to work. Now you can click on Save.

    You have just created a registry fix! Now double click the file you just created.

    You will get the following confirmation screen. Click Yes.

    The next screen will be confirming the registry key was added.

    Close out of Internet Explorer if it is open and relaunch it. The Menu Bar is now on top.

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