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Thread: Can't download Gmail attachments

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    Can't download Gmail attachments


    I'm in XP and Firefox , I can not open attachments sent to me via Gmail!

    How to solve this problem?

    Thank you for your answers!

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    Re: Can't download Gmail attachments

    Google usually checks the attachments for viruses before displaying the "Download" link, so maybe there's a problem with that.

    Some workarounds:

    • Non-AJAX version of Gmail
    • click on "View as HTML" next to the attachment and then click on "Download the original attachment" at the top of the new page.

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    Re: Can't download Gmail attachments

    If after clicking Download nothing happens, the file doesn't download completely, or the file can't be opened, there may be a conflict with software on your computer, a browser cache that needs to be cleared, or a temporary problem on the Gmail server.

    Internet security, firewall and anti-virus applications can prevent Gmail from working correctly.

    Add to site exceptions list of your Antivirus.

    More help.

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    Re: Can't download Gmail attachments

    I have been having the same issue and found that is related to my antivirus software. I was using bitdefender 2008 and had no issues. I switched to bitdefender antivirus 2009 and immediately lost the ability to download attachments. I reverted back to 2008 and problem was fixed.

    Another thing to consider is new Anti-Phishing software.

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    ThumbsUp Re: Can't download Gmail attachments

    I have resolved the issue of not being able to download and open attachments in Gmail (at least on my PC). The issue occurs when I use IE but NOT when I use Google Chrome! So much for MS and Google offering stupid ideas about emptying browsing history etc.

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    Re: Can't download Gmail attachments

    Hi Frana,

    Which version of Internet Explorer are you using? If you were using the Internet Explorer 9 version then I have heard that it lacks features for it and is unsupported. However if you revert back to the Internet Explorer 8 version then try the solution given below:
    Under internet options, advanced, under security uncheck the " do not save encrypted files to disk".

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