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Thread: TCP Optimizer for Vista

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    TCP Optimizer for Vista

    I read some threads here about TCP Optimizer. But nowhere there are talks about its compatibility with Windows vista. I have heard that using SG TCP Optimizer will be problematic with Vista. Hence I dont want to screw my computer unless I am sure that a particular TCP Optimizer will be suitable for Vista.

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    Re: TCP Optimizer for Vista

    Mz Vista Force is a system optimizer that notably increases your PC`s efficiency immediately.It is a utility designed to modify the adjustments of your Internet connection and optimize some options of your Windows Vista, to try and gain maximum efficiency. Afterwards you can manually configure your Windows Vista system to adjust it to your normal needs, and keep your PC running and working reliably.

    Mz Vista Force 2.4
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    Re: TCP Optimizer for Vista

    The optimizer should work with Vista I am assuming since the TCP/IP stack should be the same as xp, or very close to it. I'm not sure off hand if MS did change anything to the stack they might've. Mentos the OP is the guy to ask about that. I'm not sure if he has tested the optimizer in vista yet. Give him a private message he should answer back.

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    Re: TCP Optimizer for Vista

    I probably wouldn't recommend using TCPOptimiser with Vista... vista has some improvements to the stack that will theoretically push as much data as possible anyway... they call it the 'auto-tuning' stack... last I checked... (a long time ago) TCPOptimiser wasn't ever Vista compatible, if this is still the case it might screw your system badly.

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    Re: TCP Optimizer for Vista

    This TPC Optimizer works great on Windows Vista. I recommend you to give it a try. It creates a backup automatically just in case you may want to restore your configuration. Enjoy


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