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Thread: iPhone 3G: YouTube does not work

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    iPhone 3G: YouTube does not work

    Youtube-The problem of iPhones is now known. For older firmwares there is also a so-called "Youtube fix", which, however, for the current firmware 2.2.1 does not work anymore.

    Unfortunately I have never found a clear statement as to whether a fix for the current firmware is available or whether it is impossible to Youtube again to get.

    Even the alternate program "MxTube" download videos from youtube Cydia is no longer to be found.

    Who has a solution? Thanks in advance!

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    Re: iPhone 3G: YouTube does not work


    Make sure you are connected to the internet, have you got a wireless router about?

    And also, the amount of stuff on it plays a big part, if you have a lot of photos and music on it it may slow it down.

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    Re: iPhone 3G: YouTube does not work


    If YouTube does not work ("You must first connect to iTunes..."), try to install YouTube activation which is found in the Unlocking tools-category after you have added my repository.

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    Re: iPhone 3G: YouTube does not work

    you need to Configure EDGE settings (internet)?

    If you have firmware 1.01 or later you can go to Settings → General → Network → EDGE to configure EDGE. Check your provider's website for settings.

    Note for 1.1.1 users: For some reason v1.1.1 firmware will not save the settings after reboot. I have added a little fix, which is available in my repository for - descriptions on adding my repository

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