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Thread: Recover the deleted orkut account

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    Recover the deleted orkut account

    I have deleted my orkut account, and after 24 hours it will get permanently deleted . but my gmail account is still present..i was thinking that it uses same user id and password ans gmail takes then can i recover it back? or do i have to create another with same gmail account? if so then it will be really difficult to find my friends again.

    Please help me. waiting for your reply

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    Re: Recover the deleted orkut account

    Please take a look here

    Can I reactivate an account I deleted?

    Why was my profile removed?
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    Re: Recover the deleted orkut account

    Yes orkut delete his user account if it receives a abuse report on that account.

    If it is deleted you cant recover it.

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    Re: Recover the deleted orkut account

    It isn't possible to reactivate a deleted orkut profile; however, you can create a new one. The best solution for is, export your contacts to your Hard disk (in gmail contacts options or in orkut in friends options) and again import contacts and send them request after creating new account.

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