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Thread: how to bypass sonic firewall

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    how to bypass sonic firewall

    i have acess to internet on my company uses SONICWALL and my system is a windows 2000 service pack4,the problem is i can't connect to social site.i have tried using proxies,but not how do i by pass sonic wall? Any help will be extremely appreciated.

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    Re: how to bypass sonic firewall

    Open Run
    execute cmd
    ping (type site name)
    write the IP down
    and copy paste it in your browser,If you want to skip all these steps, you could try to type in your browser this IP (of site).

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    Re: how to bypass sonic firewall

    If you can find a good one then you could try manualy routing your self trough a public proxy to handle your querry I doubt this will help if its the worst case scenario.

    so if this system is more complexed than just removing a proxy setting or reconfiguring your network settings which is EASY. then you would have to log into the system under alternate credetials EX. as the Administrator to get the thing to work.

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    Re: how to bypass sonic firewall

    From my brief research, it looks like SonicWall is either Hardware-based (as in an actual physical device which you have no hope of tampering with without getting into a LOT of trouble), or it's built so well you will experience great difficulty circumventing it.

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