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Thread: IE8 gives security warnings frequently !

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    IE8 gives security warnings frequently !


    Recently updated to the latest version of IE i.e IE8, but as i do browsing with it, it shows me the security warning page frequently after every few pages on every websites i do visit. Its really frustrating , every time i have to click on there any way to disable this crap feature of IE8? i want to disable it for every websites. Hope you'll have understand what is my problem. Hoping some good solutions.

    Thank you.

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    Re: IE8 gives security warnings frequently !

    You can add the list of the trusted sites in IE8, just follow the following steps:
    • Click on Tools in IE8.

    • Select Internet Options.

    • Go to Security tab. Select "Trusted Sites" with a right check mark icon. and click on sites button and then simply add the name of the sites you frequently visit and on which you do trust fully.

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    Re: IE8 gives security warnings frequently !

    You must decide carefully whether to turn the security warnings off.

    Again, we do not recommend turning off the warnings. However, for completeness, we include the instructions here:

    1. Start Internet Explorer.
    2. Open the Internet Options dialog box from the Tools menu.
    3. Choose the Advanced tab.
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings to the group titled "Security".
    5. Place a checkmark in the box "Allow active content to run in files on My Computer".
    6. Click OK.

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    Re: IE8 gives security warnings frequently !

    Refer to this thread : internet explorer security warning , this is with same issue, but disabling the security warning is not an good idea.
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    Re: IE8 gives security warnings frequently !

    Yeah I agreed , disabling security is like a putting our PC on a big risk, inviting virus and harm full things to eat out PC. I use mozilla firefox and belive me its best then all, i never faced any security risks with it. Its blocks the sites with any security risk but it never happens with all sites.

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    Re: IE8 gives security warnings frequently !

    To get rid of this issue , try to uninstall and reinstall the internet explorer 8
    it may resolve your issue , if you are not able to get solve this issue , try to use any other third party web browser .

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    Re: IE8 gives security warnings frequently !

    It is irritating but its atleast safe! Anyways if you choose to put it off completely follow these steps:

    1) Click on "Tools" in IE8 and select "Internet Options" from the drop down
    2) In the "Advanced" tab scroll to the "Security" section and uncheck these two options:
    > Warn about invalid site certificates
    > Warn if changing between secure and non-secure mode

    I hope this will help!

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