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Thread: Firefox sudden crash

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    Firefox sudden crash

    I'm a firefox fan, I always prefer firfox for surfing. But from yesterday it has crashed 3 times, i don't know why its happening? Just i'm surfing in normal way as i always do. After crashing it gives the pop-up window to restore previous session and it doesn't restore that. please help me.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: Firefox sudden crash

    Take a look through these, sorry its a lot, but it covers a fair bit:

    Standard diagnostic, for general checking:
    When it loads, but won't start:
    When Firefox crashes:
    If you need to uninstall it, and start again:
    To install it again:

    Reference to that should be in the Standard Diagnostic.

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    Re: Firefox sudden crash

    Most of the time if firefox crashes it is because of the plugins the user has chosen to install. Uninstall firefox then download and reinstall the browser. Become very picky with your choices of plugins.

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    Re: Firefox sudden crash

    I literally just had the same problem.. sadly, I didn't find any "fix" for it, so I had to uninstall, remove all registry components, and delete all my cookies, cache, etc etc, then reinstall.

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    Re: Firefox sudden crash

    Its not a case of web browser , this issue has some thing to do with the windows operating system .

    Check the event viewer of the windows operating system , it will show you a error code , try to search this on the google , i hope you get a solution for this .

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