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Thread: VMWare: no internet connection

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    VMWare: no internet connection

    Good evening,

    The OS of my PC is Vista. I have VMWare 1.0.8 installed to use Windows Server 2008 Enterprise. In the VMWare console, the new OS works fine except the internet access.

    I do not know where to start, I saw connections to configure the software in VMWare Server Console and also in Win 2008 Server. I'm sure it is clean.

    In any case, on Vista, IP config shows me 2 / 3 Network card with IP (V4) different than I reported in connection Win Server 2008 without success. VMware is the mode Ethernet NAT.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: VMWare: no internet connection

    VMware normally you must have 3 network connections disposable default for your virtual machines, VMNet0, VMNet1, VMNet8.

    The addresses you see in IPConfig, normally correspond to VMNet1 and VMNet8

    The role of these network connections is as follows:

    VMNet1, serves to create a network between the virtual machine and the host machine. Only the host and virtual machines configured with the network will be visible, there is no Internet access or the rest of your real network.

    VMNet8, serves to create a network between your virtual machine and the host machine, so that the virtual machine shares the network connection to the host machine. From a real network, your virtual machine is not visible, it paratge the IP of the host machine. The internet connection is possible if the host machine is configured so as to share its own connection.

    VMNet0 established a network so that your virtual mavhine directly connected to your real network, as if it were a real machine. The Internet connection is possible. The configuration is identical to a real machine.

    Personally, I only use VMNet0.

    Please note, however, if your host machine has a firewall active, it may be blocking vmWare

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    Re: VMWare: no internet connection

    Try to look at the configuration of your virtual machine. Maybe the NIC is disabled.

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    Re: VMWare: no internet connection

    First confirm that you are bridge to the correct physical adpater on the host by selecting "Edit" -> "Virtual network settings"

    Uncheck "Automatically choose an available physical network adapter to bridge to vmnet0" This is located on the "Automatic Bridge" tab

    Select the "Host Virtual Network Mapping" tab and select the physical network adapter that you want to bridge to vmnet0 in the dropdown menu for vmnet0

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