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Thread: How to set up hotmail account in thunderbird ?

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    How to set up hotmail account in thunderbird ?


    What I must do to make sure I get from my Hotmail account with 2.0 receive e-mails and also send it?

    I have a. Com e-mail address.

    Asking for your help.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to set up hotmail account in thunderbird ?


    Hotmail, If you want to retrieve with Thunderbird, then you need to install an extension, you will get it:

    just download the Web-Mail-1.3.2 and Hotmail-1.2.15.

    then follow the account setup page.

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    Re: How to set up hotmail account in thunderbird ?

    Okay, I had the same problem ...
    And although I just downloaded Thunderbird, because I have all my email addresses in a program wants to have ...
    I got the web mail and Hotmail extensions downloaded and installed successfully ... But how should I set up an account for my Hotmail account. Tell me namely, what should I choose (POP or IMAP) ... I would be very grateful to have a step-By_step Declaration ..

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    Re: How to set up hotmail account in thunderbird ?

    I think the easiest would be from hotmail to adopt and another provider.
    You can create your emails from hotmail to the new email account ( eg: gmail?) Redirect.

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    Re: How to set up hotmail account in thunderbird ?


    Here is the guide full, for all those who do not succeed with Thunderbird 1.5 Hotmail to use:

    Extensions for TB in order to install it by clicking the right mouse button on the link for the extension, and select "Save Target As". Then you save the *. XPI file to your hard disk. Now open Thunderbird and click on "Tools-> Extensions-> Install.

    It then selects the appropriate *. XPI extension to reset it to install.

    The extensions to install:
    The current version of Webmail install - TB reboot - the latest version of Hotmail to install - restart TB

    There's everything here:

    First of all so as to make it in the manual says:

    From progressive VII should come as something else in the manual is.
    When username is your your e-mail address and closes the account wizard from.

    Thus we see the account so that you are first time Hotmail can receive:
    Now it under "Tools-> Accounts> Server Settings" from Hotmail
    They must focus on:

    Server: localhost

    Port: 110

    Username: "your Hotmail address," eg

    Encrypted connection: Never

    The rest is in the window you set up.

    Now we post the output to use Hotmail to send to you:
    Now it under "Tools-> Accounts> Outgoing Mail SMTP server" and click on "Add."

    Description: Hotmail

    Server: localhost

    Port: 25

    Tick: username and password
    Username: "your Hotmail address," eg

    Secure connection: TLS, if possible

    Then you click on OK.

    The password for sending Hotmail is logically your Hotmail account password.

    When you first send Hotmail emails with Thunderbird, you will be asked the password.

    Now comes the final step:
    Now it under "Tools-> Accounts" menu at the top of the Hotmail account. The menu is called "Account Settings." In my case stands behind Account Settings even Hotmail, because I am the account name so chose.
    Here is her outbox servers (SMTP) to "Hotmail - localhost" around.

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