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Thread: Google Voice Replacement To GrandCentral

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    Google Voice Replacement To GrandCentral

    In July 2007, Google bought for about $ 50 million a young start-up called GrandCentral. It developed a special telephony solution, to give a single number for life and make several other numbers to converge fixed and mobile. Google prepares to launch the new version of the service, called Voice Over.

    GrandCentral is no longer live Voice Over. What some have already as a huge competitor of Skype is a VoIP service rather special. Voice Over have the following features:

    • Visual announcement of the calling number
    • Opportunity to listen to a conversation before answering
    • Blocking calls
    • Sending, receiving and storage of SMS
    • Free calls
    • Taking calls from any phone
    • Ability to customize ring tones based on calling
    • Possibility of adding phones and define which ring
    • Visual messaging
    • Transcript written messages
    • Notifications of receipt of visual messages via SMS or email
    • Messaging customizable according to the appellant
    • Possibility of several conference
    • Recording of a communication and online storage
    • Ability to switch between multiple calls
    • Mobile site to check its online messaging
    • Ability to define groups and assign parameters

    It remains to be seen when Voice Over will be available in , and what are the rates proposed by Google for the credits of communication in the VoIP part. So far, GrandCentral is free for a group of three phones.

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    Re: Google Voice Replacement To GrandCentral

    Hello, Read the official Blog Post Here

    GrandCentral users,

    We are happy to announce that we have made a number of improvements to GrandCentral and are relaunching the service as Google Voice. GrandCentral users have the first opportunity to start using Google Voice, which is a private beta.

    In addition to the GrandCentral features you already know (one number, screening, ListenIn, etc.), we've added voicemail transcription, SMS support, conference calling, GOOG-411 integration, low cost international calling, and more. We have also integrated GrandCentral with your Google account and your Google address book.

    Over the next few days, instructions will appear in your inbox on how to upgrade your GrandCentral account to Google Voice. You can also learn more about the new features in these short videos.

    A few more details on the new stuff:

    1. Transcriptions: Now, in addition to being able to listen to your voicemail messages, you can choose to have your new voicemails automatically transcribed. You'll see these transcriptions in your inbox and will be able to search for voicemails. Transcriptions are also included in email and SMS notifications. They are fully automated, so they aren't perfect, but we'll be working to improve this in the future.
    2. SMS support: When somebody sends an SMS to your Google Voice number, that SMS will be relayed to each of your forwarding cell phones and stored in your inbox. You can reply from your computer or from any of your mobile phones and the conversation will be saved in your inbox. You'll be able to read through the conversation thread and search for past messages.
    3. Conference calling: If you want to talk to more than one person at once, just tell everyone to call you on your Google number. When you get a call waiting notification, you will have the option to press 5 to add them to your existing call.

    There's more for you to discover about Google Voice, so sign into GrandCentral to upgrade and check it out!

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    Re: Google Voice Replacement To GrandCentral

    Hello , Hope they will analyze the voice and the messages so that we can pass the pub even more focused and at times when we're there by phone and also If Google could integrate it into Android before the release of HTC 2 SFR in the next month, I jump over

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    Re: Google Voice Replacement To GrandCentral

    Hello , After we complain about the big brother syndrome, but concretely, that is exactly the kind of service that everyone expects. And it is even suggested that google! Certainly more than a few months he joined with free network for the 4th story of "a little" scare three giants!

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    Re: Google Voice Replacement To GrandCentral

    Hello, Read one more Update About this topic from official Blog Post

    Tips on upgrading

    Hello GrandCentral (and soon to be Google Voice) users:

    We have started the upgrade process, and are rolling the service out to new users on an ongoing basis. When your account is ready to upgrade, you will notice an "Upgrade" message at the top of your GrandCentral inbox.

    Once you choose to upgrade, you will automatically get all the great new features (transcription, SMS, conference calling, cheap international calling, Goog411 integration, etc.), and new voicemail and SMS messages will begin appearing in your Google Voice inbox.

    After you upgrade, any new voicemail messages will appear in your inbox at, and all of your prior voicemail messages will still be available through your GrandCentral account at

    After the upgrade you should go to your "Settings" tab and do the following:
    1. Re-record your voicemail greeting
    2. Re-record your user name (callers hear this the first time they call you if Screening is on)
    3. Select any custom settings you want (display caller ID, screening on/off, etc.)

    If you want to move your contacts from GrandCentral to Google Voice, here are some instructions on how to do that. If you have any group or contact specific settings or any WebCall buttons (now called "Call Widgets") you will need to re-create those as well.
    We hope you enjoy the new Google Voice service!

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