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Thread: Mozilla Firefox Not Responding

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    Mozilla Firefox Not Responding

    I am facing a serious problem regarding Mozilla Firefox Web browser. Whenever i try to connect to internet through mozilla web browser, it shows constantly stop responding message? It generally happens when I try to view any picture or visit wikipedia site.

    Please provide some suggestion regarding this problem

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox Not Responding

    Can you outline which Firefox version you have and which extensions and themes you have installed please.

    Also, can you surf the net through any other browser? Just to be sure it's not your net connection that's bad.

    Open Firefox (Safe Mode) through the Start Menu. See how that goes.

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox Not Responding

    Firefox will only use one profile at a time. It does this by putting a lock file in your profile folder when it starts. When you exit Firefox, the lock file is removed. If the lock file already exists when you start Firefox, or in a few other cases where the profile cannot be opened, Firefox displays an error message: "Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system."

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox Not Responding

    Start Fx in Firefox safe mode, and you should probably be able to uninstall themes and extensions from there.

    If not, you will need to create a new profile.

    If that doesn't work, uninstall Fx (using Add/Remove programs) and reinstall. Then you'll have a pristine, new copy.

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox Not Responding

    The reason that you cannot open Firefox there is one already running in the background and did not close you need to end the Firefox process before Firefox will open again. Do Ctrl+Alt+Delete Task Manager- Click Processes Tab check for firefox.exe right click and select End Process What version is your Firefox upgrade to as early version use to have this problem and the only way was to end the process via task manager or to reboot the computer

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