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Thread: Mozilla Firefox Problem

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    Mozilla Firefox Problem

    I have a strange trouble with my mozilla firefox printing option.

    I tried several times with the print settings, the output is really problematic oversized, and so on. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox.

    Please provide some suggestion regarding this

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox Problem

    This may sound random, but change the font firefox uses and see if that fixes it, also what OS you using?

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox Problem

    try reinstalling the printer

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox Problem

    I had a similar problem before. I couldn't print from Firefox, but I could print from other places. Turns out that I blocked something with Kaspersky that prevented Firefox from printing. Check out your anti virus programs settings.

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox Problem

    Update - I encountered this problem after wiping my hard disk and doing a clean install. My problem was related to using a EPSON Stylus Color 740 printer.

    I first tried resetting the Printing System from the Printer Setup Utility, and then adding the Stylus Color 740 gimp beta driver included with Tiger. This got me further as I could now preview prints, but when printing the prints went into the bit bucket. The queue indicated that they printed, but the printer did nothing.

    I finally installed the EPSON print driver package from the old 10.3 installation disk 2. I reset the Printing System again and rebooted. Then when I added the printer using the Setup Utility, it used the old EPSON drivers. Everything now works again, and I can use the EPSON utility to see ink levels, etc.

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