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Thread: ICQ - Failed to initialize MNCS Code (1)

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    ICQ - Failed to initialize MNCS Code (1)


    I've been strangely today, this error message when you start the ICQ program. "Failed to initialize MNCS (code: 1)"

    Ich hab mich schon times around here and seen that there is already a similar error code: 3 there, I'm after the solution scheme of action, but unfortunately it has nothing. My error is also slightly different.

    Has perhaps anyone already had and make ne solution?
    Do I need to repair Windows perhaps?

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    Re: ICQ - Failed to initialize MNCS Code (1)


    Here the solution:

    1. You click on Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK. (Prompt)
    2. Type the following at the command prompt, type cd%windir%\system32, and then the ENTER key is pressed.

    Note: the performance-Windir% folder is the folder where you installed Microsoft Windows.
    3. Enter the following commands, pressing ENTER after each command press ENTER:
    Regsvr32 Msxml.dll
    Regsvr32 Msxml2.dll
    Regsvr32 Msxml3.dll
    4. Type exit, and then press the Enter key, the command line window.
    5. Restart your computer

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    Re: ICQ - Failed to initialize MNCS Code (1)

    Hello, I have a similar problem, except that I still spins Vista.

    Since yesterday I can no longer start Icq. It seems always already mentioned error message "failed to initialize MNCS. (Code 1)"
    I already have several times the above steps have tried to run, cmd, etc. does nothing. He always tells me that he finds the files are not. and really, they are not in this folder

    So I download icq several times and reinstalled again, without success. Now I wanted to install Trillian. at once I get (for each new installation) the message that new folder can not be created, therefore I can not install programs. I also like the old icq folder does not delete, as I supposed to do it right. while I am the only user and administrator of my pc

    on the desktop, however, I can create new folders, only this is not the hard disk to a draw. also right-click "new" is still the option "dir"

    I had the suspicion that it is a trojan could act, however, neither AdAware nor my norton or Kaspersky online scan found something


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