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Thread: How to view recently visited website

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    How to view recently visited website

    Hi friends,
    I am doing my office projects and gathering all information from internet. I just visited one website which is very important for me. and i accidentally closed it. Anyone know how to view recently visited website?

    Thank you for all suggestions in advance.

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    Re: How to view recently visited website

    Simply click on history icon, you will see the list of website recently visited. You can also go to the cookies or temporary files and find the website you recently visited. To do so: Go to tools => Internet Options =>General Tab => Temporary Internet Files => Click Settings => View Files.

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    Re: How to view recently visited website

    If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you can view history with the help of utility software. Mozilla History View is a Free portable utility that can be used to display a list of recently visited websites or webpages. Mozilla History View works by reading the history data file of Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape browsers to display a log of the visited Web pages. URL, First visit date, Last visit date, Visit counter, Referrer, Title, and Host name are displayed for each entry. The history data can then be exported to a text HTML or Xml file.

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    Re: How to view recently visited website

    For internet explorer there is IE History Viewer. This utility reads all information from the history file on your computer, and displays the list of all URLs that you have visited in the last few days. It also allows you to select one or more URL addresses, and then remove them from the history file or save them into text, HTML or XML file. In addition, you are allowed to view the visited URL list of other user profiles on your computer, and even access the visited URL list on a remote computer, as long as you have permission to access the history folder.

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