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Thread: How to connect internet in laptop via mobile

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    How to connect internet in laptop via mobile

    Hi friends,
    I just wanted to know that can i connect internet on my laptop through my cellphone? Because sometimes my laptop cannot connect to wireless router and the internet connection i use is shared. So can anyone tell me how to do this?

    All suggestions are welcome.

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    Re: How to connect internet in laptop via mobile

    Well its simple really you can either by a bluetooth connector and access the internet through the bluetooth by setting up a nap (network access point) service with the phone and get on that way or if your phone came with a CD try install that and see if that offers a service for connecting to the internet.

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    Re: How to connect internet in laptop via mobile

    Tethering is just simply using your phone’s 3G connection on your laptop. It can be done via USB, Bluetooth, or even wireless. Here is the method:
    • Turn off wireless on your phone
    • Download tether-1.6.tar and place it in /sdcard via USB cable
    • Unmount the sdcard and disconnect the USB
    • In your terminal type:
      tar xf /sdcard/tether-1.6.tar
      tether start

    Now go to your laptop or wireless device and search for new wireless networks. Connect to ‘G1′!
    To stop tethering, type:
    tether stop

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    Re: How to connect internet in laptop via mobile

    To connect your laptop to the internet using your GPRS mobile via Bluetooth follow these steps:
    • Start on My Bluetooth Places. Double-click Entire Bluetooth Neighborhood.
    • Find the icon corresponding to your mobile phone, and double-click it.
    • When the services are shown, right-click dial-up networking and select Create shortcut. A shortcut is then created on My Bluetooth Places.
    • Back in My Bluetooth Places you'll find the new icon corresponding to the dial-up on this mobile phone. Double-click it to initiate a connection.
    • The connection dialog will appear
    • And you'll have to fill in the blanks with your connection details
    • After completing it, hit the OK button and the connection will be established.
    • If you look on My Bluetooth Places again you'll see the gree icon corresponding to an active connection.

    You are now able to browse the internet from your laptop, collect e-mails, use ICQ and MSN Messenger. Remember that some mobile operators have a default APN that uses a private IP address range, and some software will not work (acces to VPN for instance).
    You can change the connection configuration by right-clicking My Network Places and selecting Properties. You'll find an icon named bluetoothConnection there.

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