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Thread: Unable to open blocked UTorrent port

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    Unable to open blocked UTorrent port


    I seem to have this problem with my UTorrent ports. I use Utorrent and for the past week or so i see the Red icon flashing on my Utorrent client saying that the port does not seem to be open. I get good speeds on some torrents and on others i get pitiful speeds. I am on a 512 Kbps unlimited connection, and i use a D-link router. I have done the port forwarding on the D-link page as directed by the tech team but there seems to be no improvement. Would appreciate if someone could help me fix this problem.


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    re: Unable to open blocked UTorrent port

    You don't need to jump through hoops for uTorrent. You do not need to set a static IP address. Select some arbitrary port number (avoid the default, something like 24865 will work). If you have a modern router, enable UPnP to let the router open ports on demand of uTorrent. If an older router, open the arbitrary port manually. Set your firewall (if any) to allow uTorrent free access. Set uTorrent to permit only encrypted connections.

    If your version of uTorrent gives you an arbitrary port each time you start it, find the toggle to disable this feature if you have an older router. Otherwise, you will have to open the new arbitrary port on the router each time you start uTorrent.

    Set the maximum download speed to 70-80% of your rated download in order to prevent throttling of your upload. Set the number of maximum connections to 150-200 initially.

    You should be good to go.

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    re: Unable to open blocked UTorrent port

    Have you tried going to the Router Manufacturer's Home Page and looking at the instructions for Port Forwarding? Their site should explain how to manually open the port for UTorrent on the router. Look at UTorrent software to see what port it is trying to use and then go to the router interface and open the port for UTorrent to use and save it as UTorrent. Again, the router's website or help guide should explain how to do it for your model. I had the same problem with slow speeds and did this, increased by 300%.

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    re: Unable to open blocked UTorrent port

    It's probably not working because there are no ports forwarded though their switches/routers to you....
    Though it slowly working is odd, maybe they decided to completely drop all traffic over the bittorrent ports, which does fit with it it working (Them not knowing/thinking about it), to realizing "Hey, maybe thats why our bandwidth usage has increased", to adding rules in to drop Bittorrent packets..

    I can see why they did this, since bit torrent can easily be used to download, term.. questionable content.
    Two things I can suggest, one being a smart-ass, one a useful response tongue
    1, don't, just download stuff at home
    2 (Useful reply this time! tongue), try the encrypted packet headers, changing the port to something like 80, 443, or 22 (Web/HTTP, SLL and SSH).

    It's possible they just displayed UPnP (Automatically opens necessary ports up on NAT/Routers), which is fairly scary if they did have that enabled/publicly accessible.. And the reason your downloads worked before is because uTorrent could open the ports :\ (Which means it would be easy to write something to open a control port, and turn the PC's in to a boot net, among other things)

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    re: Unable to open blocked UTorrent port

    forget all that static ip rubbish, use the 'ipconfig /all' after going to start-run-'command'. The top ip on the list is the one you want, this is the ip you need to put in your router- it will be something like 192.168.1.xx, along with the utorrent port that the utorrent program is using at the moment (enter this same port number into all the start/end port boxes, save or ok and your good to go.
    Dont forget to disable port mapping in utorrent.
    Edit/Delete Message
    recommend you go to just to help navigate your router

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    re: Unable to open blocked UTorrent port

    If you are having trouble downloading...

    Check your network connections. If you see an internet gateway icon right click it. Check the display icon when connected box in the bottom left. Then click the properties button in the bottom right. Look for the program you are using to download. If it's not listed you can add it. Click on the program then click edit. Make sure the port that you have forwarded with your router matches that listed here. Then click ok. Now you should be able to download again. Cox recently made changes so you will have to use the internet gateway to connect to the internet. And you will have to configure it to open ports. If you don't see the internet gateway icon in the network connections, try resetting the modem. Watch for it to appear then right click it. I hope this helps people.

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    re: Unable to open blocked UTorrent port

    If your internet gateway icon is not appearing in your network connections do this: In "Network Connections" right click "1394 Net Adapter=>Properties=>Advanced.There you will have an option: Share internet connection. check allow other users to connect. Uncheck allow users to control or disable internet gateway. Click settings. Check http and https also udp and tcp.

    You should also make sure that your router has the latest firmware update.

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