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Thread: Page refuses to load in Windows 7

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    Page refuses to load in Windows 7

    I really have a strange problem and i don't know how to fix it.
    Recently, I have been getting problem regarding these freeze ups after refreshing any page. The bottom task bar always keeps shows, at the time of the freeze, the ads are also not responding. The page loads,but the ad's freezes everything.
    Is there any settings issue,as it happens in Vista and W7?
    I only had this problem since the dual boot of the two OS.

    Please help me regarding this problem

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    Re: Page refuses to load in Windows 7

    Have you tried using different browsers?
    Try using a different web browser and see the results regarding your problem. if still happens so then try to format your machine once and then reinstall the web browser.

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    Re: Page refuses to load in Windows 7

    I know of three causes for the vast majority of such problems:
    1. You might have incompatible add-ons:
    Go to Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools
    and click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).

    2. Tools | Internet Options | Advanced
    Scroll to the bottom and click Reset Internet Explorer Settings. Read this
    article first:
    How to use Reset Internet Explorer Settings (RIES):
    Note that the Reset IE Settings button will delete AutoComplete data (such
    as passwords.) Do you have those backed up?

    3. Malware already installed on the computer: Help with malware

    Unexplained computer behavior may be caused by deceptive software.

    So How Did I Get Infected Anyway?
    For quite a few people it's by installing programs like Messenger Plus,
    whose ads for
    malware don't identify the malware as such and try to convince you that you
    owe it to the author. Don't ever do a "default" install of anything. Always choose Custom and see
    what else is being carried along. Don't install any extras you're not sure

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    Re: Page refuses to load in Windows 7

    Yahoo servers are updating the NEW Mail that replaces Beta Mail. Expect lag or
    outages. I doubt if some or all Yahoo Mail functions work at all.
    Wait up to 30 days when all updates are complete. Yahoo Mail is not just one server.
    Each Server gets all updates by sometimes taking it off the air. ( Have you ever put an
    operating system on a PC? Sort off like that but bigger.)
    Then having to transfer each an every file back to all accounts.

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    Re: Page refuses to load in Windows 7

    HC, avd, et al, this sounds a little like what has become known locally as "the white looping thing." Try these steps (Tools > Internet Options):
    Delete your browsing history
    Delete your temporary internet files; if there is a box for "offline content," check it.
    Either delete your cookies or clean them with an Ad-Aware scan.
    Close your browser, open a fresh one and try to log in again.

    If these steps work, it would be helpful to everyone if you reported back with the results.

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