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Thread: Web-Browser Dies while Loading Torrents

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    Web-Browser Dies while Loading Torrents

    hi there......

    As the topic suggests that whenever i load up a torrent all my working web-browsers do not respond anymore.

    But the torrent continues to download.

    Any ideas for such kind of behaviours from web-browsers?

    Please suggest me few tips on this............

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    Re: Web-Browser Dies while Loading Torrents

    Just follow these steps carefully:

    • Delete your temporary Internet files from your web browser. Set the temporary internet files and cache to something reasonable -- 4-5 MB if cable or DSL, or 20 MB if dialup. By default, Windows uses 10% of your hard drive.
    • Turn Off your System Restore points, then turn it back on. Then, run your antispyware and registry checkers. Download and try CounterSpy.
    • Check your Local Hosts file C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts - delete anything other than localhost and other than anything for your local network that you have set up.
    • In your web-browser go into Internet Options and reset to one of the default settings
    • Are you using an Internet Proxy service? Intentionally or unintentionally - your ISP may be using a proxy that's slow rather than just using a cache. Try turning off the proxy.
    • Are you running any ad-blocking or javascript-blocking software? I noticed with Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall - it put a big javaScript around any web page I downloaded, which slowed up things
    • If you're using ad-blocking, it often works by redirecting the requests to - which means the browser keeps waiting for the data to come in, until it finally fails.

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    Re: Web-Browser Dies while Loading Torrents

    Check this one:

    I just kill the process and try again. Usually it works a second time.
    I get the feeling there was a HTTP error somewhere along the way but web browser doesn't handling it well and just hangs.

    I think it's just an intermittent browser error, nothing that can be fixed through Windows.

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    Re: Web-Browser Dies while Loading Torrents

    I think technology vise you should update your web-browser version. There are possibilities when browser are unable to catch heavy internet files or it sometimes prevent you to view some glossy web pages.......
    i recommend you to install new version of web browser or else use Firefox Beta 2 as they are great in browsing capabilities.......

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    Re: Web-Browser Dies while Loading Torrents

    have you tried out with different web browser's........
    i mean to say that have you faced the same problem with other web browser's.
    just check it because each one of these web browsers have their own capability and performance to work on internet as a web browser

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