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Thread: Can't attach files in yahoo mail

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    Can't attach files in yahoo mail

    I am unable to attach files to yahoo mail from last 2 days.
    I don't know what went wrong If you guys can help please.


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    Re: Can't attach files in yahoo mail

    I too cannot attach or send any file greater than a certain size...75-100k. I have no spy bots, no memory issues, Verizon says my line is way fine and Dell had me rediscover the adapters to no avail. Tried playing with RWIN, reinstalling without any start up stuff, still NOTHING? Can't file my taxes electronically at the moment (400k file)...any ideas, 'cause I'm fresh out!!!

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    Re: Can't attach files in yahoo mail

    What size are the files? Nine times out of ten, if they aren't attaching they are too large. A lot of web mails don't have a friendly message to let you know what the reason is, they just go through the motions of uploading (gray bar and all) then when it's done there is nothing there. Are you getting any error messages at all? Are you able to attach using IE?

    Oh, and about the Yahoo denial: that's in the script that every Yahoo employee is given when hired. Same with AOL,HP,Microsoft,and every other big company out there. It's always someone elses fault. Get used to it.

    The next thing I would suggest is open your Yahoo in Internet Explorer and try it there. If that works, there is a plug-in for firefox called I.E. tabs. It allows you to render a tab from within Firefox as an I.E. window only it shows as a tab in FF. You will need to re-render before you sign in to Yahoo. It can be downloaded here:

    When you get it installed just right click tabs and click "switch rendering engine". No guarantee it will work but if the files are attaching in IE, this will probablly work for FF.

    Re: I.E. not working on mac: Understood. The plug-in for FF operates on whateve version of IE you do have in the backround anyway, and I haven't used a MAC in years. The option you are choosing seems the way to go until you get a better answer. In the meantime, you might try I've gotten lot of help there for wierd problems over the years.

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    Re: Can't attach files in yahoo mail

    Some suggestions:

    1.) E-mail Yahoo. (Don't expect a good quality response on the first try.) Keep trying.

    2.) Update/scan all AV/malware removal software and remove anything they find. Best products are your AV software, Ad Aware SE, Spybot S & D, Windows Anti-Spyware Beta. Download those programs and run the updates/scans immediately. Uncheck the Scan For Neglicable Risk Enteries in Ad Aware SE. Avoid the new Windows Defender Beta. It is not ready yet for prime-time.

    3.) Run Windows Update: Download/Install all of the Critical Updates. (Use the Express Install Feature.)

    4.) Run Scan Disk (a.k.a Check Disk in XP) to restore/repair damaged drive sectors/files.

    5.) Clear your History, Cache, and Temp Folders

    6.) Run Disk CleanUp. Uncheck the part about compressing your hard drive, but check all other options. You WILL want to compress drive folders.

    7.) Defrag your hard drive. (Preferably in Safe Mode.)

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