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Thread: IP telephony... is it stable?

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    IP telephony... is it stable?

    Is there anyone who knows anything about the ever talked and so much hyped IP Telephony? Also, is it stable?

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    Re: IP telephony... is it stable?

    I have been using JaJah and I am pleased to have spent about 4 years wit it. But you need your PC registered to use the phone.

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    Re: IP telephony... is it stable?

    Well it quite depends on one's needs. But still... Why pay for IP telephony. You got the option of skype.

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    Re: IP telephony... is it stable?

    Yes, I think that most of people who have PC also uses Skype but is not everybody who has a PC and JaJah and they use their regular landline phone.
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    Re: IP telephony... is it stable?

    I ran with Redspot for 4-5 years.
    Zero problems.
    Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Germany, etc. 89 kr/month.
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    Re: IP telephony... is it stable?

    Skype is only free when you keep conversation with another Skype user.
    If you want to call landline phones, it costs little and is cheap around the world. Calling to mobile phones so that no more rate rises. But still they are much cheaper than regular telephone across national borders.

    Get Skype and use it, possibly as an alternative.

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