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Thread: Missing BCC bar in Outlook Express

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    Missing BCC bar in Outlook Express

    Hi All,

    I am using outlook express for official and personal use. Everytime when i start a new message, the BCC field is missing. I can see only 'to' and 'cc' fields. Please suggest something that can help me to get BCC back.

    Thank You in advance.

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    Re: Missing BCC bar in Outlook Express

    When you open New Message window (Create Mail). Click View, and check the "All Headers" option. It will show all options with BCC. Done!

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    Re: Missing BCC bar in Outlook Express

    Now if you have BCC field in outlook then you can create permanent automatic BCC address in Outlook Express which will directly add all your email addresses in BCC. Just follow some simple steps:

    • Open a new message window and put your address in the BCC field
    • Then click File=>Save as
    • save it to your Desktop

    When you want to send a message, just click on the icon to see the new message window with all addresses in BCC field.

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