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Thread: Where to check for the Port 80

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    Where to check for the Port 80

    Hello Friends,

    I am trying to install the WampServer on my computer for some kind of Web Development, I have downloaded WampServer 2.0 and installed it,by the time of installation it doesn't give any kind of error,When I launch the WampServer some services related to Apache server could not be started and asking to freeze the Port 80,so the problem is that Where could I see whether Port 80 is acquired or Free so that I can allocate the Apache services to it.

    Please Reply as early as possible,This is urgent.


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    Re: Where to check for the Port 80

    You can check your webserver on HTTP port 80 with the following telnet command:

    Open a command line and type

    (Note:Whereever underscore is given consider it as space)

    If your server is online a test connection will be established on port 80 (HTTP). Now you can type a GET command. The server will answer with an output like this:

    HTML Code:
    <TITLE>501 Method
    Not Implemented</TITLE>
    <H1>Method Not Implemented</H1>
    get to /index
    .html not supported.<P>
    Invalid method in request get<P>
    Connection to host lost.

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    Re: Where to check for the Port 80

    Well I would suggest you to go through the instruction about installing Wampserver 2 on various information sites.
    Let us know if you have any particular problem understanding any term or any clause.
    I hope this helps you!

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    Re: Where to check for the Port 80

    Port 80 is that particular port which is most vulnerable to:-

    711 trojan (Seven Eleven), AckCmd, BlueFire, Cafeini, Duddie, Executor, God Message, Intruzzo , Latinus, Lithium, MscanWorm, NerTe, Nimda, Noob, Optix Lite, Optix Pro , Power, Ramen, Remote Shell , Reverse WWW Tunnel Backdoor , RingZero, RTB 666, Scalper, Screen Cutter , Seeker, Slapper, Web Server CT , WebDownloader.

    Moreover during Windows Product Activation (WPA) uses the following ports:

    PORT Usage
    80 for HTTP
    443 for HTTPS

    NOTE: WPA will issue Error 32777 if it can't connect to the Product Activation server.

    NOTE: WPA will issue Error 32777 if you computer's date or time is incorrect.

    I hope this will help.

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