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Thread: Register domain name

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    Register domain name

    Hey Guys,

    I wish to have my own website. I want to know the procedure regarding domain registration. Help a.s.a.p.

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    Re: Register domain name

    Setting up a Web site with your own domain name is a straightforward process, though finding a name you like may prove difficult. Registration usually gives you exclusive use of a domain name for two years.

    1. Go to an official Internet registrar online.
    2. Enter the name or phrase of the domain name you would like to register. Follow the rules regarding name length and format.
    3. Search for the name.
    4. If the name is already taken, enter a new name and search again until you find one that is still available. If you tried .com as a suffix, try .org or .net instead.
    5. Register the domain name.
    6. Pay the filing fee online or through the mail, following the instructions on the Web site.

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    Re: Register domain name

    You need a credit card for online payment. There are many websites like paypal, alertpay, etc. which offers secure online transaction.

    If you want to register your domain without any fruad, go for the registrar who:

    • never hides any fees
    • pays the registry for the same number of years you order, up front
    • gives you direct, unfettered access to your whois records, your registrar locks, your auth codes and even total control over your domain's DNS settings like hostname records, mail exchangers and nameservers
    • offers a free whois email privacy service and will never sell your data to a third party
    • who doesn't "monetize" your domains
    • who never "front runs" prospective domain searchers
    • a domain registrar who answers the phone and basically doesn't try to upsell you or sell you a bunch of services you don't need or want, who is courteous, professional and has over 10 years experience providing rock solid domain and DNS services.

    Once you decide on the available domains that you want, register them immediately. They might not be available tomorrow. If you donít already have a business name, youíll find it easier to market your business online if you choose a primary domain and a business name together. If your first choice for a business name doesnít work well with any available domains, consider a business name that you can easily market with an available domain. Once youíve registered that domain name and your business name, register secondary domains and put them to use.

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    Re: Register domain name

    List of good Domain Name Registrars

    World's Largest Registrar -
    Network Solutions
    1&1 Internet
    AIT Domains

    • Have a list of possible names ready when you visit the site.
    • The more unusual the name, the more likely it will be available. Most common or well-known corporate names are taken.
    • If the domain name is already taken and you desperately want it, you may contact the owner and offer to buy it.

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