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Thread: Installation "home movies" on the computer?

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    Installation "home movies" on the computer?

    Hello to all,
    I looked at various audio kit available from attacking your computer, I mean the 2.1 and 5.1 systems. Noting that some of these kits as the Logitech Z-5400 or Creative G500 cost not less than 220-250 as price range, I wonder if it is not at this point most convenient purchasing one of those systems sold in the store to be connected to DVD players for home-cinema.
    Example there are many kit, consisting of amplifier plus 5 speakers and subwoofer, Kenwood brands type or the like, sold at places as Mediaworld at a price of 299 .

    What differences are there? May be worthwhile to buy one of these kits, and connect the computer to be used for music, games and movies?

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    Re: Installation "home movies" on the computer?

    depends on the person you wish to make in the future.

    I explain, a kit like z5500 not play worse than a kit with boxes shriveled as the yamaha kenwood or indeed, the end of the story believe that the satellites of logitech are better and maybe not slightly;
    But buying one of these kits as the 5.1 yamaha in the future you might change the front speakers and enjoy excellent sound, for example in a chain of electronic I found a kit of 3 boxes audiopro front of just 169 euros and not play at all evil. This especially if you plan to listen a little music.
    For a start there's a nice kit in their bid at the chain, crates when you should be sufficient, however, the amplifier including harman / kardon is exceptional. well do you
    the z5400 I do not know if it advisable, Satellites do not have high quality and sub closed that I think makes more noise that sound. if you want everything at once and you do not care Processed you have special needs or connections, for me the z5500 is a good compromise.

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    Re: Installation "home movies" on the computer?

    Thanks for your contribution
    Which chain of distributor you referring to? A modular and expandable solution to prefer by far .... in theory once Auto construing of boxes combining tweeter and woofer, so I could see similar expansion in the future.
    One problem that I can not solve is the amplification for a passive subwoofer Auto construing: I have a 38cm room loaded into a reflex granted 31Hz ... plays a marvel but the amp around to grant visas only for 5 channels, always missing the sub, which is given for "active" ...

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    Re: Installation "home movies" on the computer?

    If you hold open the way for the upgrade go on a separate system components without a second thought. For the sub ... you should also Auto construing the amplifier!

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