Microsoft delivers the 2009 version stamped its famous instant messaging software. A common installer opens the way for other Live products.
Microsoft had the idea "preposterous" to announce its next batch of products Live several weeks before their publication, and giving in December as the target date. Meanwhile they are new Windows Live services that were promoted on the Web, and it is in a strange discretion that one of the flagship Windows Live, Windows Live Messenger, was published in its 2009 version. For the occasion, the official website Windows Live has nevertheless taken on a habit of pageantry of the foils.

The 2009 case of the famous instant messaging software has already been mentioned several times in our columns. We simply recall some of the "major" new compared to the previous version, the most obvious being its new visual appearance giving it a look Vista, even under Windows XP.

New community features with monitoring the status of relatives, management and the creation of groups with their own status, slideshow photos. The emergence of a Favorites item to put forward its contacts or avatars videos ... but no support for tabs.

Multiple connections on a single account are now allowed (since four aircraft maximum) and of course his alter ego with the disconnection remotely via the posting of a list of places to connect. In addition, it is about fifty announced and all news presented on this web page.

Since the establishment of this new version through a common installer for Live applications, the user can also decide to install Windows Live Mail to succeed Outlook Express (or Windows Mail in Vista), Windows Live Writer for the release of money from blogs, Windows Photo Gallery Live or Windows Live Movie Maker for video editing, which is still in beta.

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