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Thread: 3G, a new world of opportunities

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    3G, a new world of opportunities

    3G as we know is a faster and enhanced mobile communications technology that provides broadbandlike experience on mobile phones and enables users to experience the power ofinternet on the move. The introduction of 3G in the Indian markets would be thenext major telecom revolution says Vivek Mohan, President Alcatel – Lucent India.

    The Indiantelecom market is growing at 9 Million plus subscribers every month and thepotential of 3G to bring about a convergence of voice, data and the myriad ofuser friendly services popularly referred to as ICE (Information, Communicationand Entertainment) is manifold.

    In India, sincethe revenue generated from data is less than 10% compared to 50% in Korea, itis possible that the introduction of 3G might take some time to mature.However, once it matures cost can even come down to less than Re 1 per minute.Mr. Mohan added that 3G in India is going to fulfill the unmet needs for voiceand broadband in urban India and will connect rural areas to rest of the world.On 3G application in rural India, hereferred to areas like “Telemedicine” where there is a untapped business opportunitywith immense social value. In emerging economy like India, there will also be alot of unexplored possibilities in Value Added Services like Location BasedServices after the introduction of 3G.

    Mr. Vivek Mohanwas invited to speak about Telecom- Emerging areas & Challenges by studentsof XLRI’s General Management Program (GMP). The auditorium was packed with arecord participation of around 200 students from across all streams. Mr. Vivek,himself an alumnus of Harvard Business School, also dwelled on the importanceof an MBA program and how managers of today can contribute to the society atlarge.
    XLRI,One of the oldest Management Institutes of Asia offers GMP, its one year fulltime General Management Program to executives with experience of 5 years andabove. The students represented middle to senior management in organizationssuch as General Motors, DRDO, Wal-Mart, L&T, V-Ships, Alcatel-Lucent, Infosys,T-Mobile, BSNL and many more.

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    The introduction of 3G in the Indian markets would be the next major telecom revolution. The Indian telecom market is growing at 9 Million plus subscribers every month and the potential of 3G to bring about a convergence of ICE services (Information, Communication and Entertainment) are manifold.
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    Xavier Labour Relations Institutes (XLRI) one of the premier management institute in the country was founded in 1949 in the Steel city of Jamshedpur, Bihar. Over the last few decades, XLRI Jamshedpur has contributed its best to the professional growth and management of innumerable institutions that serve the public, especially organized industry, Labour, service agencies engaged in rural development, education, health and other public systems.

    Knowledge and continuous learning is the mainstay amongst the best organizations of today. In order to satisfy this thirst for knowledge and to become a learning organization, XLRI has evolved a one year consolidated programme in general management with the objectives of providing the practicing managers a substantial exposure to theoretical foundations in management as well as to provide them a holistic perspective of business in such a way that they are not only equipped with tools and techniques to perform their task effectively but also to shoulder greater responsibilities in the future as they move up the hierarchy.

    The Institute awards the Executive Postgraduate Diploma In General Management to the participants who successfully complete all the requirements of this programme.

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    Re: 3G, a new world of opportunities

    I appreciate all information shared by Nihir regarding the revolution in the telecom sector.

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