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Thread: Is it possible to download videos from youtube without any application ?

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    Is it possible to download videos from youtube without any application ?

    Hey folks i want to download youtube videos without any application is it possible ?
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    you can use its free

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    Install Mozilla Firefox & Real Player 11.0.2
    When you install Firefox, enable the RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin option.
    Now, whenever you open a video on youtube or any webpage you will see an
    option on top of the video as "DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO".The downloads are faster than other methods.It works for each and every website that has any recordable content.

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    Use orbit its a freeware download manager which also downloads video from youtube.

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    Thanks for the tip Sanjay-H!
    I will try this trick tonight!

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    i m using mozilla firefox 3.0.3,but i can't see "DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO" on youtube.

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    you must install Mozilla Firefox & Real Player 11.0.2. .only then you will be able to use "download this video feature". Mozilla 3.0.3 is not compatible with real 11.0.2.

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