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Old 27-09-2008
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How To Use Netstat

How To Use Netstat?
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Old 27-09-2008
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1.Click START button and type ?Cmd? in RUN
2.In new black window type: netstat ?b
3.If you IM or watch someone cam watch in command window in which you typed netstat for IP shown next to YPeger.exe (if using Messenger for Yahoo) which has address which suggest ISP not Yahoo or akamei. Yahoo addresses will have ?yahoo? in its part (example scsc.msg.yahoo.com). ISP addresses will have abbreviations of ISP names as rr- Road Runner, level3 ? Leve3 Communication, vzn ? Verizon, cmcst ? Comcast, ntz - NetZero etc etc.
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Old 27-09-2008
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Netstat is a utility that you can use to display your computer's connections to the Internet. It's a useful tool for monitoring connections and diagnosing problems. You can tweak netstat commands by adding arguments at the end of the command.

1. Close all open programs on your computer. Click the start button. Click "Run." Type the word "cmd" in the run box. This will display a command prompt.

2. Type in "netstat" at the command prompt, followed by the argument that you want to use. For a list of all netstat arguments, type "netstat /?."

3. Use "netstat -a" to get a list of all open network and Internet connections. To see IP addresses rather than names, use the "-an" argument.

4. Specify which type of protocols are in use. Type "netstat -p TCP" to show only TCP connections. Type "netstat -p UDP" to show UDP traffic.

5. Enter "netstat interval 10" to have netstat information displayed every 10 seconds. Replace the 10 with any number you want to use. To stop, press "ctrl" and "c" at the same time.

6. Create a file by typing ">" followed by the file location and name of the text file after your netstat command. For example, "netstat -a >c:\log.txt" will create a file called log.txt on the C drive. The file will contain the netstat results. Open the file with Windows notepad.

7. Check out active routes by typing "netstat -r." This displays your routing tables, including destination address, net mask and gateway.
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