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Thread: No Internet connection but Modem on

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    No Internet connection but Modem on

    Well i have this problem since last 7 days now in Mumbai Kandivali (East) Hathway connection.
    The thing is that i don't know what is wrong with the connection but i don't have the connection active. I contacted the Hathway customer care & the checked my modem is alive & there is an internal problem with the settings of Internet.
    I don't know how is this possible since i connected my friends modem last night & the net connection was active I got nice connection & speed too!
    So i am not sure what is exactly wrong?
    One more thing that the LEDs on the modem are all lit up I mean they don't fluctuate for a single second. Which is not normal thing since i have never seen send, receive, pc, cable, leds full & on continuously.
    Anyone know what exactly wrong? Modem or some internal settings?

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    I think there is a side button to the modem that you might have pressed although the connection is still alive. I dont have a picture of it right now, when I will come home I will post a pic soon. Just try to push the button & check if the the leds on modem are fluctuating.

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    Its a motorola modem & i know the button on the top you are talking about but the think is there is no fluctuation even if i press the button well i will chech it again if there is any other thing involved! Thanks for the quick reply

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    This seems to be internal problem from Hathway service. Since the LEDs on modem are lit up, the modem dont seem to be faulty. Ask Hathway service providers if they have halted the service. Also if you know the IP settings, check if the same are there in the TCP/IP settings and not altered.
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    In the network connection i have 4 connection 1 is saying adaptor connection is the only one which is active & other 2 are the wireless connections that i don't require as i don't have any wireless connection or wifi the forth one is not active when i right click i don't get the repair & other options live i mean its there but not active to click on it. I will have a look at the TCP/IP settings & inform you!

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    Well i have decided to get an Airtel connection now!
    Just fed up of hathway connection & all trouble with them!

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