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Thread: How to find an IP address of a radio

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    How to find an IP address of a radio

    Hello everyone,

    How to determine the IP address of the stream broadcast by radio or television and then stick in Winamp . Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Follow the steps below :

    1. First, go to the website of radio or TV.
    Click on "Listen Live"
    Then wait for the sound or video.

    2. Once done, go to the so-called cache, ie on your hard drive.
    Whether you use Firefox or another browser, you must pick the correct file in the cache IE

    The cache is in C: \ Documents and Settings \ My Session \ Local Settings \ Temporary Internet Files.

    3. On entering the most difficult step.
    It is in this case locate the file "asx". This is an extension and sometimes it is well hidden.

    This file bears the name of the radio or TV, and lies at the bottom of the window (lift off with your scrolling).

    For this file is present requires that the radio (or TV) is running on your PC, otherwise it disappears.

    If you do not find it, run a search

    4. Now it's almost finished.
    ASX Drag this file in a text editor such as Notepad on Windows (notepad) or any other word processor.

    In this file, you'll read something type
    <Asx Version = "3.0">
    <title> RADIO widget </ title>
    <Ref Href = "" />
    <duration value="00:30:00.000">
    </ Entry>

    Obviously this is a generic name and I masked IP
    Sometimes you will see mms: / / instead of http://

    Select this address and copy it (copy-editing or CTRL + c)

    5. Open Winamp
    In the playlist and hold "CTRL" button and then press l (lowercase letter L, not capital i), a dialog box opens and invites you to enter an address
    Paste it (CTRL + v)

    Last small thing
    paste the address you've found the top BUT add ". WMA" at the end!
    and no space after

    6. And then, double-click on the url in Winamp and your radio will live!

    As you put it in bookmarks Winamp or in a playlist (m3u or pls) for media player or Winamp .... of course!

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    Thank you very much . excellent tutorial

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    Hey is it true?
    I never knew that a redio also has an ip address!

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