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Thread: Something abnormal to my pc

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    Something abnormal to my pc

    I recently downloaded a program on my system and was working fine until about an hour. Afterwards it crashed all of a sudden. I restarted in the "last known good configuration" which worked and everything was fine for several hours. The next morning I started my pc and everything seemed to be fine until I clicked on IE icon to open a browser. A blank page came up with "Microsoft Internet Explorer" along with another blank page over the first one. I found very difficult to close the second page.

    I still think there is something abnormal to my pc. How can I resolve it?

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    What was the program that you have installed? Also which operating system are you using?

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    I am having Genuine Windows XP Pro and I have downloaded and installed some tweaks for it.

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    Go to Programs-> Accessories-> System tools-> System restore.

    Hope this will help you

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