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Thread: Sector By Sector Bypass For Safe Boot

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    Sector By Sector Bypass For Safe Boot

    i want a disaster recovery backup for my laptop . for now i use Acronis TI . my friend told me to go with the Safeboot 5.1.
    i know a few things about this she told me that the cloning type does not work. I copied the drive using TI with the sector .But the only way to test this is to actually try and restore it. I'm not ready to that.
    im pretty newbie in this i need some expert advice on on it please .

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    Norton Ghost duplicate an image from the hard drive. you can ghosting a hard drive in encrypted or protected along with the safe boot and it has some restrictions. when you use Ghost it should be in a RAW mode to copy all data with the boot sector The resulting image is the same size as the drive being imaged. Encrypted data cannot be compressed.

    Ghosting is used only for creating a backup of hard drive, its not for encrypted data multiplication.if that was possible the computer will have the same encryption key and that would not safe because any one can get many computer information in just one Key

    you can use ghost with safe Boot for things like disk multiplication but it requires specification instructions.

    you will find many help here about ghost go to:

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    I use sector by sector creating the images i have succeed in it but not tried to restore it. i got no idea that it work or not . ya and i have the ghost as well. i will try that you have mentioned above that I need support to accomplish this

    you can use ghost with safe Boot for things like disk multiplication but it requires specification instructions.

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    Currently im waiting for a new hard drive now i dont need any new hard drive so i cant tell you but if i get a new hd i will try a RAW ghost on it and tell you all the details

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    thanks for that dude

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    hi guys i have the same issue in this i have a laptop that i clone it for disaster recovery, and i was think to take "safeguard easy"
    and that will prevent me to cloning the disk using acronis.

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    Re: Sector By Sector Bypass For Safe Boot

    About “Not Sure until Restore is Done”, you are correct.

    I spent 10 hours doing 3 different sets of Ghost to Image, then, Restore from Image. No Usable Result. I did Ghost from Laptop to USB HARD DISK. Then, from USB HARD DISK to New Disk. Then, I booted from New Disk. I got Safeboot logo, then, a Blue Screen of Death. Thank goodness for my careful step in this project, my original hard disk is still bootable and fine.

    My theory is:
    Maybe, Safeboot had an option to Tie Windows to Hard Disk Serial Number. Meaning, duplicating to a new hard disk with New Serial Number will not give a Bootable Windows.

    As of today, Thursday, November 27, 2008, Safeboot belongs to MacAfee. I went to and was redirected to MacAfee and could not find many discussions about Ghost and Safeboot.

    The final solution came from Ghost Forum. In theory, to successfully Ghost a hard disk that had Safeboot, we must use the special command called
    (which means: image in Raw Mode.)

    The instruction was not that clear which I thought the command –ir was the same as the command –id (meaning image in Disk Mode.)

    My lesson is: -ir is not the same as –id.
    To tell Ghost to run –ir, I had to start Ghost from Dos to give the command ghost.exe –ir.
    Why? Because in Ghost, the Options did not give a choice to select –ir.

    When running with the command –ir, at the Blue Progress Screen, you will see the word “Raw Image”. When you run with command –id, you would not see the word “Raw Image”.

    Even with that command –ir, I still could not duplicate the hard disk that can run Windows. The duplication was done successfully. The New Drive could boot for short time, I could see the logo and message of Safeboot, and then, I saw a blue screen of death. In the screen, I saw a message about “Unmounted Boot Volume” and message of 0x000000ED.

    For solving that, I am still trying to find a solution.

    As a long time user and promoter of Ghost, I totally agree with you about being careful. As helpful and magically productive as Ghost is, WE DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE UNTIL WE ACTUALLY RESTORE THE IMAGE.
    Example: I recently bought a USB Hard Disk and Ghosted my Internal Hard Disk to the USB Hard Disk. Ghost ran and gave me an Image, which, I did not check by doing a Test Restore. 3 months later, I needed the image, when I tried, I found images of the past 3 months were not usable; I got a message that the image was “not a Ghost file.”

    In summary, I agree with you about being careful.
    I like Ghost and I learned my lessons:
    I would not depend on keeping Image on CD or DVD. (Because they can be bad easily.)
    I would not depend on Ghosting Straight from Internal Disk to External Disk. In theory, that works, but, in practice, it does not always work. Ghosting to USB DISK works, but not always. I could Ghost with one brand of USB HARD DISK. Then, I could not Ghost with one brand of USB HARD DISK. Please check.

    My best way: I split my hard disk into 2 sections: 1 for use, 1 for non-use. Using Ghost, I made Image from Use to Blank. Then, using Windows, copy Image from Internal to USB Hard Disk.

    Also, if you want to try your project, you can easily test your image on new Laptop Hard Disk. Laptop makers have made it very easy to remove Hard Disk. Please look for web sites that would give you more details. In my case, I worked on Dell Laptop, Hp Laptop, and IBM Levono Laptop. In each case, I worked with about 5 screws and I got the hard disk out in 2 minute. You can picture it as easy as just sliding out and sliding in (like the old Audio Cassette Tape.)

    Good luck.
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