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Thread: How to speed up CSS on Dreamweaver

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    How to speed up CSS on Dreamweaver

    I am new in Dreamweaver so as in the field of the web designing and I really need help on this CSS stuff. Basically I want to know it from the scratch, what to do , how is CSS working. I donít want to look like noob when I will be working with someone. I know few thing but I guess that that is no enough for get me through. There are few websites that I build on my project and it does not has CSS. I build my design table based. So also I need to know if it is wise to build the website based on the CSS or table layout.

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    Re: How to speed up CSS on Dreamweaver

    I would like to say that the table in present world has phased out, almost every website that I made in this modern world is not based on table layouts. Mostly every site that you will see in the present world will be tableless and are on CS-positioned layouts. I know that many people think that working on the CSS will be tougher but that is not the case. The problem with the table is that if it is not constructed properly the design will fall apart. The fact that any adjustment in the one cell will affect the other cell as well so need to be cautious every time. Let me tell you all the advantages that we have if we build our web page with the CSS method
    • The most important advantaged of CSS will be the flexibility of the redesigning the webpage that is already made. The fact that any webpage that is based on the CSS can be redesign by just swapping of the style sheet. All the content and the basic element are in the document all you have to do is replace the CSS file. In fact there can be hundreds of design that can be attached to a single webpage
    • With the CSS layout there will be more possibility of been creative with the design that canít be done in the table based layout, where everything will be kept in the box and nothing can be moved. But with the CSS you have build the content with in the box as well outside the box.
    • With the help of the CSS you can easily port the webpage over to desire media such has mobile, tablet or even for the printing.
    • In the earlier time the pages use to take like ages to load because each and every page has the style within the webpage but with the help of the CSS the style sheets can be made separately and one style sheet can be applied to like every pages so once the browser download the style sheets then that can be applied to every page that user is viewing it not have to download it again and again with every page like the table based layout
    • The biggest advantage of the CSS is that it separate the content form the design, so that make it simple to read the code in the HTML document by us or in case a big company we can easily explain to out colleague the content of the page, also it is lot less stress for the web browser to render the page as well.

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