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Thread: Where I can find free C# to Java Convertor

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    Where I can find free C# to Java Convertor

    Hello guys, I am learning a programming language Java. I know C# language but I want to learn java as I am a student it is new to me. I don't know that much functions and keywords of java. I know only some concept of java. I know how to make programs in C# but not in java. I was thinking if there was any tool or software by which I can convert the C# written programs to java programs. Does anyone have the solution or the software for converting?

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    Re: Where I can find free C# to Java Convertor

    Hey there I love to learn new languages and search for the software on the internet. I know to write the programs in C# language but not in java. I didn't learn java. When I was searching on the internet I found software in which you can write C# and java codes. This is the C#JavaMerger software. This software is a framework that provides us to write a set of codes which can be used in both C# and Java. This software gives the common interface to the user so that he can write both C# and Java codes both in one place. The software uses a common interface which is used by both C# and Java. The software is open source software so that you can download it and use it freely.

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    Re: Where I can find free C# to Java Convertor

    I am also a student like you and want to tell you that java is the best programming language I have ever used. I really like java as it is the universal language. It does not any specific platform to run the program. Java is the only language which works on any platform. In java you can make Windows based program, mobile based and even Linux based programs. I have found a cloud based C# to java converter on the internet which converts the C# written program to Java programs online. You can search for the C# to Java converter on the internet and can use this cloud based converter to convert your programs. This is a good converting tool but you have to use it online. The converting process goes online.

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    Re: Where I can find free C# to Java Convertor

    I suggest you to use the VB & C# to Java Converter. This is the tool which converts both VB and C# written codes to Java language. This software is Accurate and comprehensive. This converts entire projects or folders so that there is no confusion between the files. This software converts thousands of lines in a minute. This is easy to use software, you can easily convert C# to Java using this software. This also produces the helpful notes and warnings so that we can know that is some error in the program. It converts all the versions of the C# to Java. It Converts C# reference parameters using Java generics. This is a good tool for those who are new to java. If you are new to java and you can write perfect codes in C# then this is the good tool for you to convert your C# programs to Java programs.

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