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Thread: How to play an mp3 file into a voice call

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    question How to play an mp3 file into a voice call

    Hello everyone,

    I've been cruising around the net for some help, then I found this forum. Hope some developer guys can help me on this.
    I'm working on my own softphone application, but kind of bumping into some trouble when I try to play a sound file (mp3)
    into the call. For seeing it more exactly, you can check the website I used as a guideline: google ---> How to play an mp3 file into a voice call

    Is this the best way for sound playing? Or do you have other suggestions?


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    Re: How to play an mp3 file into a voice call

    I think that you can use MP3Player (location) application to play your mp3 file on asterisk. Just try to create a dialplan in extensions.conf and use this app so that you can also use .call feature to generate outbound calls and play your mp3 file with them.

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