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Thread: Turbo C not giving output properly.

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    Turbo C not giving output properly.

    Hello,I am using a Windows XP computer and having some problem related to Turbo C. When I am writing the program in turbo c but when I run the programe so I donít have get any proper output. Many of my friend suggest me to go in option and change in some setting so I did all of these but there are no effect in the output.

    Now i dont have any idea what else i can do. So pleases help me and give me some solution to get rid of this problem.

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    Re: Turbo C not giving output properly.

    I think you need to install Borland software in your computer and you need to write same coding in Borland software. If coding run successfully and give proper output it means there are no problem in your coding. Than problem would be with your turbo c setup. So better you reinstall the turbo c setup. Reply if it worked.

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