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Thread: Need Help With ComboBox

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    Need Help With ComboBox

    Hello, I'm new to this world.. and i need a little Help.

    Start by saying that i'm using Visual Basic 2010... and I've 2 ComboBox, a primary one and the other which depends on the first, what I want to know is how to change the list of the second ComboBox according to the Items selected from the list of the first ComboBox...

    Any help would be great!!

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    Re: Need Help With ComboBox

    I have a solution for you don’t know if it is right or wrong but give it a try. First of all I don’t know how have you related the 2 combo boxes but I would say try relating the two combo boxes with the help of ListControl.SelectedValueChanged Event Subscribe this event with your first combo box. Once you have raised this event you can use the following syntax to your second combo box
    ‘combo2.Items.Clear ()’
    then try adding the items and relate them with the first one accordingly. I know this is not a exact answer for your question since this is a completely different method but that's all i know about VB 2010 and i have shared it with you.

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